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Newbies in the Garden

5 Sep

Recently, unbeknownst to me, hubby bought fig trees for the garden. I didn’t think much of it when he said he was going out to collect them from the seller. After all, he’s always buying something for the garden.

When he got home, boy, was I surprised! He bought four trees. It’s interesting to have this in our garden, something new that is edible if taken care of properly.

Figs are small trees or indoor plants by classification. And they do well under the hot sun with lots of space to grow and proper drainage. Given that our weather can be rainy most time, we will have to find a suitable spot for them. Otherwise, they will be indoor house plants.

Let’s see how successful this new endeavor is for the newbies in the garden to thrive. I can’t wait for the first harvest as two trees are starting to fruit already!

Latest acquisitions for the garden, and fruiting!

Battle of the Weeds, Part 2

13 Jul

There’s one section of the garden grass that does not grow well. We think it’s because there isn’t enough sunlight for the grass to thrive. The Creeping Charlie, however, seems to thrive well in this section. We debated whether to remove or let them continue growing in that section.

Being in a shaded spot and without grass, the section looks bald, unkept, and unsightly. Although we prefer to remove weed throughout the garden, we have decided to allow the Creeping Charlie to grow in this particular section to camouflage the unsightly bald patches. As a result, the area now looks green and pretty from a distance.

I guess, for once, the weeds have won this round of the battle with our compromise on this.

Patchy without grass but green with the Creeping Charlie!

Battle of the Weeds

25 Jun

There seems to be no reprieve with the ongoing MCO lockdown. As such, the garden weeds have sprouted uncontrollably because our external gardener is not allowed to come in.

So we have to tend to the garden ourselves with our limited resources to curtail the weeds’ rapid growth. However, it is not enough. I find myself battling with weeds just about every day when I want to be outdoors for some sun.

Look at all that nasty Creeping Charlie plus some others

For someone who once wasn’t keen to venture out of the house, much less tend to the garden, I guess the lockdown can change a person. I suppose this is another good thing that came out of this situation. We have to look at the brighter side of things. Having said then, we wait with bated breath for the MCO status, whether it remains as is or will be relaxed.

Marathon Golf

13 May

Last Friday I was free and agreed to a round of golf with my golf buddies. In fact, we played not a round but two rounds! Marathon golf was what it was, 36-holes.

The morning round was very enjoyable as the weather was lovely and there was no crowd in front to delay our progress nor at the back chasing us. It was very unusual but pleasant on a Friday at our golf club.

So much so, we decided to go at it again, after lunch to play another 18-holes! And the second round concluded in good time too. But the afternoon round was rather draining because the sun was scorching and we were tired by then. Two rounds in two days is pretty normal but two rounds within a day can be taxing if it’s not something we do all the time.

At the end of the two rounds, my Mi Band2 recorded at whopping 20,390 steps that I had done and my day was not even complete yet because it was only 5.00pm, and I had to go out to meet a friend later that evening!

When I finally climbed into bed that night, I recorded 22,093 steps and covered a distance of 13.1km. Dang… drained to the core.

A Lovely Morning

15 Dec

It was indeed a lovely morning after breakfast. The sun was bright and hot and I got toasted a wee bit while working on Codewords on the book instead of the phone, my dying iPhone5S.

An occasional dip in the sea then the pool, we couldn’t ask for more. By lunchtime, automatically our tummies were rumbling and we opted for sandwiches and a Tandoori pizza by the poolside.

Unfortunately, the beer that I intended to drink did not materialized as the mocktail Margarita concoction on the menu sounded very tempting, so we had a jug of it. It was very good and refreshing.

Feeling contented and with a light breeze blowing, the setup was perfect for a snooze! And we almost did but decided to go for another dip in the sea after resting long enough for the food to digest.

Soon after, our Penang friends dropped by the resort to catch up with us and it was nice to see them again. Amidst our chatter, the sky turned dark and cloudy again. Yes it rained.

Thank goodness I managed to work on my tan earlier in the morning. Let’s hope tomorrow, being our last day (how quickly time went by), I can still catch a bit more sun in the morning before we check out and leave for home.

Weird Weather Again

30 May

Last week it was so hot, the friendly squirrel, Sammy came out and just sprawled itself on the garden deck. It didn’t look like it was taking in some sun but rather, succumbing briefly to the mad heat that we were experiencing.

I watched it from the kitchen and estimated Sammy was ‘down’ for a good five minutes. Quite a sight…

This week? It’s gloomy, wet and cold, and Sammy is nowhere in sight. Weird weather we are having.


The Sun is Out!

21 Dec

It’s a good start to the day as after breakfast, I lounged by the poolside with the sun beating down. Let’s see how long I can endure baking under the sun while the girls went exploring along the beach. So did my tan even out? Nope. It got too hot!

A very lazy day, hubby and I went for a massage too while the girls just hung out by the pool after their beach stroll. Without any solid plans, we just chilled and then had lunch at The Bungalow again because we were not in the mood to drive out. We had the Lone Pine Sandwich, a Chun Piah (like a giant chimichanga), Inchi Kabin and of course, a nice cold beer.

By mid-afternoon, we decided to venture beyond the Ferringhi area. Perhaps some shopping and eventually dinner! I anticipate street food and definitely looking forward to it.

We ended up at Sg Pinang Food Court, meeting up hubby’s sister and her family. It was a good catch up time although we saw her not too long ago during the wedding several weeks back.

As far as food was concerned, more items were checked off M1’s list as tonight, we covered Char Kueh Teow, Prawn Mee, Chicken Wings, BBQ Stingray, Grilled Squid and Lobak. Burp…

All in all it’s a good end to the day. Tomorrow we leave Penang and head further north to visit Hubby’s parents.