Battle of the Weeds

25 Jun

There seems to be no reprieve with the ongoing MCO lockdown. As such, the garden weeds have sprouted uncontrollably because our external gardener is not allowed to come in.

So we have to tend to the garden ourselves with our limited resources to curtail the weeds’ rapid growth. However, it is not enough. I find myself battling with weeds just about every day when I want to be outdoors for some sun.

Look at all that nasty Creeping Charlie plus some others

For someone who once wasn’t keen to venture out of the house, much less tend to the garden, I guess the lockdown can change a person. I suppose this is another good thing that came out of this situation. We have to look at the brighter side of things. Having said then, we wait with bated breath for the MCO status, whether it remains as is or will be relaxed.

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    […] I had a field day, battling with the weeds. When we were under the MCO (Movement Control Order) last year, external helpers like gardeners and domestic cleaners were not allowed to come into the estate. […]

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