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Oh My Hedwig!

9 May

We were out at the mall one day, and the display caught my eye. An owl specifically, Hedwig, the owl from the Harry Potter Charms Collection Series 1. How cute it looked! Although I love owls, I am not a Harry Potter fan per se, so I took a photo of it instead of making an impulse buy.

A few days later, I looked at the photo again to admire the cutie pie and thought, why not try felting it? And within days, my version of Hedwig came about. I think mine looks as good, if not better than the original!

My cutie pie Hedwig


10 Apr

At the height of the Harry Potter years, M2 like every other fan, was Harry Potter crazed. She would read and re-read the books and knew lines by heart. It was rather heart-warming to see her (and M1 as well) do so much reading.

But thank goodness the craze was limited to just the books and not any collectibles although there were some Lego sets purchased. And both girls have a magic wand each, gifted from a friend who went to the Harry Potter theme park. I remember one day, many years ago, M2 came to me with a butterbeer recipe and asked if we could make it.

The beverage was of course served in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and back then, she thought it would be awesome if she could drink what Harry and friends drank. I still have the recipe, dating back to 2012 in my iPhone. I think we tried making it only once but don’t recall the outcome.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, at our local grocery store, lo and behold we saw a bottle of butterbeer! Of course we had to purchase it to try. And I must say it was quite refreshing but once the coldness ebbed away, the sweet side of the beverage became too much. Well, if we never tried, we would never have known.

I just wonder will this lead to a renewed interest in reading the books all over again? Only time can tell.


I Changed a Good Man

5 Aug

Last night, it was a rare evening with hubby, myself and M1 seated at the dining table, all engrossed with work. (M2 was upstairs continuing her Harry Potter marathon.) M1 was doing her homework, myself at Farm Heroes and hubby at his computer. We thought he was busy with work.

Suddenly, “Arghh! I just NEEDED a strawberry!” He growled.

M1 and I were taken aback. Why would he need strawberries for work? Then it dawned on us that he’s actually busy at Farm Heroes! Chuckle…

How did this happened?

Earlier that morning, I walked passed hubby who was seated in the TV room, diligently collecting coins from his Snoopy app, a game which I gave up a long time ago. I commented,“You need to play something more challenging than this. Collecting coins just doesn’t challenge you enough!”

“Try Farm Heroes,” I suggested.

And he did and got hooked. M1 accused me that evening I changed a good man while I thought I created a monster. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Back to Routine

4 Aug

The week long holidays are over for the girls. I’d like to think they enjoyed the break thoroughly – sleeping late, eating a lot, sleeping in, watching reruns of Harry Potter (on the DVD), not studying and not mind going anywhere save for that day trip to eat seafood. However, I frown upon the sleeping habits. Oh well, none of this bad habit now that they are back to school.

As for me, everyday that passes by is an agony of sorts as far as Candy Crush is concerned. The new chapter has yet to open and I itch to jump forth from Level 635. It’s more than a week now and I’ve been playing Levels 608, 617 and 635 alternately to get more stars! Terrible, isn’t it?

And to add to the aggravation, Farm Heroes has been very trying. I was thoroughly challenged at Level 404 and had to use all the farm equipments (which I normally don’t) to bypass it, and found myself utilizing all my equipments so soon again for Level 407. I guess it gets tougher and tougher. Now stuck at 413. Sigh…

How to Read Harry Potter

10 Jan

As I have been reading my Nora Roberts’ MacGregor series non-stop these few nights, I can’t help but recall the time back in 2011 when the girls started reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. I held them off the series but eventually gave in and bought the whole series for them. The treasured books has been read and reread many times over.

Last year, M2 told me she reads the series in two different ways.

How does one read a book in two different ways? Surely, when reading, you read the contents, flip the pages and repeat this process until the end, no? Unless you consider lying down with legs pointing skywards being the other way?

Well, I learnt then there IS another method to read a series of books. First, you read the conversations in the book; just the conversations. In M2’s case, it was all seven of the Harry Porter books in this manner. Then you read the book as a whole—complete in the way they are written—again, all seven in the series. What an interesting method. M2’s mind boggles me sometimes.

I don’t think I will do that as much as I enjoy Nora. My other way of reading is simply just reading the online version instead of the physical paperback, having discovered this alternative recently. So in my case, it’s holding my iPad Mini to enjoy a good read instead of holding the paperback. And no, my legs are not pointing skywards.

Of Lego and Harry Potter

18 Jun

Both girls love the toy and the character, so much so that M2 did a portrait of M1. Credit goes to M1 for the coloring effort. Picture says it all.