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Back to School

11 Sep

M1 has officially completed her internship at the end of August and it was an excellent two months of learning and exposure to the seafood industry. Hubby and I are very proud of her and this experience will indeed be useful for her in the future.

Looking at what she has been doing, it looks like this Food Science student is leaning more towards seafood than cheese, wine or beer. Shucks. I would gladly be her guinea pig for wine or beer experiments if she ever needs my input!

She is now back on campus to the start Fall classes as a Junior. How time flies…

Destination: Taiping

24 Apr

You know you’re courting fatness when you go on a foodie road trip and stretchy pants are intentionally packed along. All those food that will be eaten will surely go to the waist and the stretchy pants will accommodate this indulgence!

Well, with the tennis elbow limiting my exercise, an outstation trip this time is not a golf outing so a food outing is the next best thing. It’s an unexpected public holiday today and we made the most of long three-day weekend with Mom and M2 for the short getaway.

The destination: Taiping this time instead of Penang or Ipoh, our usual go-to places. The little town has a lot of cheap and delicious eats worthy to rival the two other famed destinations.

The drive on Saturday morning wasn’t too bad without the holiday-makers although there were some stretches that were slow and congested. When we finally arrived at Taiping, we looked for a place to eat for it was way past the usual lunchtime.

The Char Kueh Teow we had was good, at a ridiculously cheap price that you simply cannot find in KL – Four Ringgit. Even the Chicken Rice was Four Ringgit, and both had sizeable portions, not less at this price. Food prices in KL has soared so much recently and to find something good at this price was just amazing.

The rain was a spoiler especially when we wanted to see the famed trees at Taiping Lake Gardens. And came down even harder when we made our way to Matang for dinner but we took things in stride. No rush, no hurry, no stress, just go with the flow of the situation.

Our dinner was so so cheap. I seriously think if we ate the same things back in KL, it would cost twice the amount! The portions were big and the taste… Oh so good.

Towards the end of the evening, the sporadic rainfall prevented us from coming out of the car. So we just drove around the town, which had a similar feel to Ipoh. Hubby and I agreed that the town is worthy of a revisit plus a golf game thrown in at Taiping Golf Resort.

We called it an early night as the next day, we had a more comprehensive food trail to do and sights to take in.


A fallen raintree that was equally appealing


Dinner was so good


What a Feast

2 May

After snacking and drinking at the Club, we still had time to go eat the famed Soto of Tawau, buy fresh seafood to bring home and take a snooze before dinner time. 

Dinner tonight was by far the most expensive. Our seafood spread consisted of the common and the exotic: a whole fish, snails, just the fish head, lobsters, flower crabs, jellyfish (2 types) salad, and fish stomach & fish lips, plus a vege and noodles. I think we over ordered. If we thought last night’s meal was good, tonight’s choice were better and more refined. But double the price. 

The restaurant has been reputed to charge an arm and a leg. But when you are so well known, I guess you can get away with it.

I think tomorrow I should walk rather than take the buggy when we play our third game to burn all that calories.


Where to Eat

1 May

One must know where to eat when in Tawau. And it’s not just normal food, it has to be seafood. Do avoid big air conditioned places where their menus don’t have pictures at all, not even their signature dishes. On top of this, the service crew looks frazzled, the Captain avoids eye contact, being evasive about choices, totally rude and  not apologetic when service is not up to par.

One should eat at non-air conditioned places where the food is good, cheap and prompt. Above all, they don’t make you wait an hour to be served.

In short, Yah Hoo gets our thumbs up while Maxim’s a thumbs down.



1 May

After our shower, the driver recommended us to Maxim’s Seafood Restaurant for dinner. We thought it was a good suggestion until we got there. Boy! Were we in for a surprise.

The service was much to be desired but the attitude sucks! After an hour’s wait, we were quite angry when we were told our order has yet to be cooked. We found this appalling when patrons who came after us were served! We queried the Captain, who was not quite knowledgeable in recommending what to eat, and his attitude and reply really shocked us! Is this what custom-facing front liners should treat their patrons?

When we asked for the bill, ready to walk out as nothing was cooked after an hour, he was not even apologetic! Can you believe that?! Collectively we all walked out.

We then called the driver to go to another restaurant and this time, he recommended Yah Hoo Seafood Restaurant. Here the lady boss was definitely more customer savvy. The first dish came even before the seats were warm.

Within five minutes, everything came out. Everything.

Back to Routine

4 Aug

The week long holidays are over for the girls. I’d like to think they enjoyed the break thoroughly – sleeping late, eating a lot, sleeping in, watching reruns of Harry Potter (on the DVD), not studying and not mind going anywhere save for that day trip to eat seafood. However, I frown upon the sleeping habits. Oh well, none of this bad habit now that they are back to school.

As for me, everyday that passes by is an agony of sorts as far as Candy Crush is concerned. The new chapter has yet to open and I itch to jump forth from Level 635. It’s more than a week now and I’ve been playing Levels 608, 617 and 635 alternately to get more stars! Terrible, isn’t it?

And to add to the aggravation, Farm Heroes has been very trying. I was thoroughly challenged at Level 404 and had to use all the farm equipments (which I normally don’t) to bypass it, and found myself utilizing all my equipments so soon again for Level 407. I guess it gets tougher and tougher. Now stuck at 413. Sigh…


Exploring Kuching

4 Jul

It is my first time here in Kuching and boy, it feels so much more humid! Perhaps this is because back home, I am always in my car, zipping from here to there instead of walking.

Dinner was walking distance from the hotel but felt like quite a distance. Must be the humidity…

We went to the famed food court for seafood. Apparently TripAdvisor recommends this place. As there’s so many of us, we took 3 tables and decided every table would eat differently. My table had these choices.

After dinner, we walked it off at the waterfront before calling it an early night as tomorrow it will be an early start.