Better than Oh-so-good

5 May

We thought the Snickerdoodle apple bread was oh-so-good but it has been superseded by the latest baking attempt.

The latest loaf, a herb white bread is simply heavenly. Hubby managed to buy bread flour at the last grocery run and this made the difference. All previous attempts were using all purpose flour.

I remember he mentioned that the temperature of the oven was important. While I did not pay attention to the details of the whole process, I managed to take some progress pictures.

The mixer at work and then the setting of the dough

Shaped and into the pan to set again

Rise of the Amazing Dough

It was an astonished but delighted moment when the pan came out from the oven. The five inch rise of the bread was very impressive.

Look at that height from what it was originally

Heavenly herb loaf

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