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Oh My Hedwig!

9 May

We were out at the mall one day, and the display caught my eye. An owl specifically, Hedwig, the owl from the Harry Potter Charms Collection Series 1. How cute it looked! Although I love owls, I am not a Harry Potter fan per se, so I took a photo of it instead of making an impulse buy.

A few days later, I looked at the photo again to admire the cutie pie and thought, why not try felting it? And within days, my version of Hedwig came about. I think mine looks as good, if not better than the original!

My cutie pie Hedwig

Hello Barney!

15 Dec

It was a Saturday morning and I was in the midst of a feel-good dream when hubby abruptly woke me up.

“Quick, wake up! Come see the owl in front of the house,” he said excitedly, urging me to wake up from my slumber.

Although I am quite an owl-lover (I collect the figurines), I was not pleased at being interrupted in my beauty sleep, what more, my feel-good dream. Eventually, I did wake up and went to check out the feathered visitor.

My, my! It was indeed a beautiful one. It looked like a domesticated but an escaped pet, its feathers very well groomed. And we were not sure how or why it ended up perched under the roof in the corner of our home but nonetheless, we thought it was a good omen. I mean, how often does one get a barn owl a-calling? I even took out the binoculars to have a close up look.

The little girl next door saw it too and aptly called it Barney (as in barn owl, get it?). So Barney hung with us the whole of Saturday. Every now and then, one of us would come out to check on it; it would lazily peek at us, sometimes turning only the head and other times, facing us frontal view and with a piercing stare. I was afraid it would fly off and took the pictures from afar, zooming in with the iPhone5S.

By evening, it was still perched there. M2 then wanted to know if we could keep it as a pet. As much as I would like to, I didn’t think it was possible and just considered it a good omen that it chose our home over the other houses.

However by nightfall, Barney was gone, in search of food and most likely a new place after the hunt. As Sunday came around, Barney never returned. I hope he has found a new place otherwise, our home is always open to him!