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New Recipe

20 Apr

Bread and scones have become such a regular feature on our menu ever since hubby picked up baking last year. So much so, it can be boring to eat the same thing daily. Even he gets bored baking the same stuff all the time. That’s why we get cakes once in a while but only for special occasions.

One day, hubby decided to venture beyond these items, and he made jelly, coconut pandan jelly, to be specific! My, oh my, the jelly is simply delicious. But the process, to me, is very tedious because every layer has to be precisely measured. Such patience he has.

The evenly layered coconut pandan jelly with the evenly measured jelly powder

Cheat Bake Day

9 Apr

Once in a blue moon, it is okay to have a cheat bake day. One can only eat so much bread and scones, and after a while, it gets boring. The palate needs a new taste to jolt its senses.

So I was craving brownies, but hubby dearest did not want to make them (from scratch) for me initially. He said there’s too much sugar involved, and brownies are bad for both of us.

I was persistent, and in the end, we picked up a ready-mix box instead. I figured, what I don’t know (as in how much sugar in the ingredients), I will not fret too much when I eat the brownies. I even feebly suggested I make the brownies, but hubby–knowing my sad baking skills—baked the tray of brownies for me. Sweet, rich, and very yummy, it was a job well done!

A piece each time to keep the tummy happy everyday!

Our Garden

26 Mar

Our garden is a sanctuary of sorts for all the critters in the area. Birds flock to our place for bird seeds provided on a timely schedule, squirrels romp here hoping for the same fortune as the birds, and earthworms make a mess of the garden surface while having a galore underground. The smaller critters – the bees and caterpillars enjoy the nectar and leaves at their own pace without any disturbance. It is a very fertile and happy place.

Recently we spotted an injured squirrel from the kitchen window. Unfortunately, I was too slow with the phone to get a picture. The poor thing looked like it got scalded for its tail, and part of its face and body is missing some fur with the bare pink skin showing. The poor critter is constantly looking very frightened and wary of the surroundings and still surviving.

One day, hubby – out of pity – threw out a piece of bread for the injured squirrel to eat. It came around and sniffed at the bread, unsure what it was. It is evident bread is something that is not in the squirrel’s natural environment. It even sniffed at the surrounding plants, wondering if the bread fell off from one of the nearby potted plants.

We couldn’t wait for it to eat the offering and left for the office soon after. That night, when we got home, the bread is gone. I am assuming the squirrel ate it, and we have not seen it since. Hopefully, it gained some strength from the offered food and is recovering well. We have to keep a lookout for it to appear again.

The Accidental Baker

22 May

I am bowled over that hubby dearest has taken to baking so effortlessly, like fish to water. I simply do not know where he gets his energy from.

Even after a round of golf, he can still bake whereas I would just keep things slow to a manageable pace. For me, it’s to cool down my body in this furnace of a weather and not sweat any further than what I have already shed at the golf course. But he just goes on.

Last Sunday, after walking 15 holes with me, we got home and two hours later, he whipped up a superb herb whole wheat loaf. And as if that’s not enough, he baked a sponge cake thereafter!

Sponge cake had coconut shreds topping

If you thought I helped in anyway, hardly… I just ate when they were fresh from the oven. Of course this encouraged the accidental baker in hubby.

And as he’s constantly at it, I have to exercise constantly too to balance my intake. The weekend golf games are scheduled already and I am pretty sure the accidental baker will bake after the games.

Weekday efforts: cupcakes, banana bread and mini scones

Better than Oh-so-good

5 May

We thought the Snickerdoodle apple bread was oh-so-good but it has been superseded by the latest baking attempt.

The latest loaf, a herb white bread is simply heavenly. Hubby managed to buy bread flour at the last grocery run and this made the difference. All previous attempts were using all purpose flour.

I remember he mentioned that the temperature of the oven was important. While I did not pay attention to the details of the whole process, I managed to take some progress pictures.

The mixer at work and then the setting of the dough

Shaped and into the pan to set again

Rise of the Amazing Dough

It was an astonished but delighted moment when the pan came out from the oven. The five inch rise of the bread was very impressive.

Look at that height from what it was originally

Heavenly herb loaf

A Timely Purchase, Part 2

4 May

I have to admit… the stand mixer was an excellent purchase as hubby has been using it. I have yet to use it though because I don’t really bake from scratch, only from pre-mixes in a box that don’t need a mixer. Heheheh…

The banana loaves and snickerdoodle apple bread
There were two batches of butter cookies

So far he’s baked three loaves of banana bread, butter cookies and a Snickerdoodle apple bread (this was oh-so-good!). There have been attempts too that did not require the stand mixer but just good old kneading and patience for the dough to rise.

All in all, the baking days have kept him busy for there have been many rainy days and he couldn’t go out to the garden. For M2 and me, it was many varieties to savor and I have been upping my exercise routine to counter all the intake.

Pesky Intruder, Part 2

1 May

The pesky intruder struck again yesterday morning! Darn it. Whilst hubby was accompanying official pet number one to the garden terrace, the pesky intruder quietly came in to the dry kitchen, jumped onto the island counter and nibbled away at the plastic bag of the new loaf of bread.

I discovered the evidence when I walked into the kitchen. There were little bits of plastic all over the counter and a gaping hole in the bag. It didn’t get to the actual bread but the damage was enough. And what riled us was not just the new loaf, the old loaf, placed near the toaster, was nibbled at too. Grr…

Obviously both loaves of bread had to be thrown away and the place was wiped down properly for we can’t chance any disease even though we didn’t come into direct contact with the squirrel.

This is the third time we’ve discovered the intrusion. The first was the banana; the second time, it was toast. Yep, you read that right. Pesky squirrel came right in to the toaster and helped itself to the toast that hubby made.

We have to be even more vigilant now than ever.