DIY Project #13 or 12A

22 Mar

I took a few days off working on my miniatures because there was work to do in the office. Even weekday golf has taken a backseat. I now play weekend golf only, although I did play a game last Friday.

And when I finally had the time, DIY project number 13 kicked in. But it has been slow for reasons unexplained. I can’t find the momentum to get going on it being somewhat superstitious on numbers.

The latest DIY project #12A

So I am just wondering if it’s because it is the number 13. Then again, usually, it is the number 14 that Asians avoid for superstitious reasons. Anyway, between the numbers 13 and 14, both are not my preferred numbers.

The pieces that are completed so far

Perhaps I should call this latest project – DIY Project 12A. Hahaha. And when I finish it and progress to the next one, I will call the next one DIY Project 12B, bypassing both superstitious numbers! So clever.

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