A Year of Controlled Movement

19 Mar

It is exactly a year yesterday that my country, Malaysia, went into total lockdown when the Covid-19 pandemic blew up. One year has passed, one year of lockdowns, called Movement Control Order (MCO) in various stages depending on the severity of reported cases.

Over the year, we experienced total lockdowns (MCO), conditional lockdowns (CMCO), enhanced lockdowns (EMCO), and eventually recovery (RCMO) either in totality for the whole nation or partially in selected states. With a year of controlled movement, everyone’s lives have changed, ours included.

Businesses were affected, travel disrupted, and lives were lost. The whole world was topsy-turvy. Did Nostradamus ever saw this coming? Hmm. However, sad and dim as it looked, sometimes a bad situation can be turned around for the better if one’s outlook is different and positivity prevailed, at least for us.

We learned to appreciate the simple things in life that we always take for granted. We learned to slow down and smell the roses. Along the way, we picked up new skills and hobbies to keep ourselves busy when we had to stay home during the lockdown stages. And we are still doing those things today – hubby with his baking, and myself with crafting DIY miniatures.

While it looks like the controlled movement may go on with CMCO still in place where we live or various other MCOs in other areas, I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues until the end of the year. By the way, the latest CMCO has extended again for another two weeks until 4 April.

If this is the case, keep on wearing a mask and maintain our distance from others whenever we have to go out. These practices are by far the easiest, least painful, and sensible.

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