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Where’s the Pineapple?

22 Feb

Just when we thought we were going to savor Spongebob’s pineapple because it was riped already, someone else beat us to it! Darn.

Caught in the act!

It was just a day before that I took a picture of the pineapple with the fake pineapple. The next day, it was gone, right down to the core. The garden squirrel had helped itself to the fruit! Hubby was surprised when he looked out the kitchen window and found the pineapple missing.

The scene unfolding before our eyes!

The culprit was still busy devouring the sweet fruit when I came downstairs, in time to snap a few pictures of the scene. The squirrel must be hungry, or the pineapple must be very tempting. There was nothing left, mostly the skin only. And after the first squirrel left, a second squirrel came around to enjoy what leftovers there were still.

The second culprit eating what’s left

Hubby was not too upset because he said during Chinese New Year, these creatures needed to eat. And we must be kind towards them during this time. Don’t shoo them away. But once Chinese New Year is over, he will do whatever is necessary to protect the remaining two pineapples that we still have.

He then recalled the last time we managed to harvest and eat one pineapple because he took measures to protect the fruit. He placed a wire mesh around the fruit. So we must remember this, or we’ll be asking again, where’s the pineapple?!

Look Spongebob, a Pineapple! Part 2

16 Feb

Hubby’s attempt at planting pineapples is starting to bear fruit, pun intended. The last time I compared the young pineapple to Spongebob’s pineapple home, both were about the same size.

Now, the real pineapple has grown and outsizing the fake one. Pretty soon, we have to take ownership of it and deny Spongebob a new home! Hahaha.

Three homegrown pineapples!

Not only do we have this pineapple, but there are two more pineapples that hubby has nurtured. Green fingers indeed! I look forward to the day we can enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Look SpongeBob, a Pineapple!

15 Dec
Our cute pineapple

Hubby, the green fingers, has done it again! This time, it is a pineapple, a cute one that can rival SpongeBob’s pineapple house. As I do have SpongeBob’s pineapple house bought from Hong Kong a few years ago during one of my travels, I could not resist comparing both.

Which pineapple, SpongeBob?

And dang, the real one does rival the fake one. SpongeBob can almost come live in our pineapple! Hahahaha.

Serious Music

26 Jan

Yesterday I decided to bring my ‘boom box’ from home to the office to use as it is hardly used at home and just collecting dust. At the office, I must have music in the background for creative purposes. I feel the brain does not function well enough in an all too quiet environment. And I don’t like the radio because DJs in general talk too much regardless of the station.

The Altec Lansing inMotion dock speaker, although old and only works with 30-pin devices, will give my first iPod Mini another lease on its (the iPod’s) life after I retired it from use in the car last year.

It became a nuisance for the many cables required — an aux-in and a power supply, to hook up and it cluttered the gear area. These days, for my music in my current car, I use a pen drive which is hidden out of sight and not a nuisance at all. No cables necessary and everything is controlled within the steering wheel or the iDrive. This then renders the iPod even more obsolete.

So now with the speaker set in the office (all the Spongebobs, the single Patrick and the M&Ms dispenser had to make way for it but not the main gum ball machine), the iPod will have another chance with its 932 songs (it’s an 8Gb capacity) to stimulate me. I foresee creative juices will be in overdrive!


I Love Pez!

16 Jul

I love to collect things, from the typical to the quirky and unusual. Besides the usual knick knacks and paintings from my travels, I enjoy growing my animal figurine collection especially the owls, pigs and elephants. One of my more quirky collection however, is not an animal but the candy dispenser, Pez. I guess when one already have 16 dispensers on display, it can qualify as a collection.

I don’t know why but I simply love Pez. I was at the grocery store the other day and came across these two new ones and I had to get them. Gary now completes my Spongebob collection, while Dave is the first of the Despicable Me family.

My all time favorite though, has to be the miniature sized bunny that I bought from Hong Kong many years ago. Apparently it’s a collector’s piece due to its condition. But I didn’t know much about its history then and never bothered to find out; I bought it because it was cute and it appealed to me.

But as I am writing this, I am also suddenly curious. So thanks to the internet, yesterday I managed to find out more with some tedious googling. It’s a character for Play Station games. You can see the complete collection, #009 Dokodemo Issyo 1 mini Pez at http://pingu.minipez.net/page/5/. It’s adorable, no?  

Can I Be an Onion?

30 Sep

In a blink of an eye, we face October (tomorrow). What this means is Halloween is also around the corner and every year, we go through the same thing, call it predicament or argument, it is always on what to wear for that ghoulish night.

During the Spongebob craze period several years back, I made a Spongebob costume for M2 and she complained other fellow trick or treaters deemed her too friendly and cute instead of scary after the walkabout that night. Miffed by the comments which was inappropriate for ghoulish theme, she decided the next time, she would be something else to make people wary, scared or even cry at the sight of her.

“Can I be an onion for the next Halloween?” she asked.

“Onion?! Why?” I asked, curiosity got the better of me.

“Onions make people cry. And I wanna make people cry so that nobody will say I am cute.” she rationalized and concluded. In her mind, crying equates to fear; fear equates to horror, horror being the theme of Halloween, get it?

The onion costume never materialized thankfully.

I should say Halloween is not a big thing in our country but it is catching up in our neighborhood estate. So I brace myself for what madcap ideas M2 may have. M1, on the other hand, being older and more sensible treats the day just like any other day. Phew.

During the Spongebob Years…

20 Jun

Before the Captain Underpants years, it was Spongebob Squarepants. Everything was about Spongebob, his starfish buddy, Patrick Star, Squidward and the whole gang at Bikini Bottom.

I used to tell M2 that since my dad, her grandfather’s name is Patrick, he could have been Patrick Star and I could have been Angie Star, instead of Angie Lee.

She believed me. Heheheh…

(M1 was much older, so I couldn’t pull it off on her.)

What a star!

What a star!