A Tad Cold for Golf

25 Jun

The golf course, Trysting Tree Golf Club was not too far and we got there within minutes. We rented sets and teed off at ten. As I don’t wear golf gloves to play, I had to sit on my hands several times to keep them warm because the morning was rather chilly. It took a couple of holes to warm up to get used to the weather.

It was quite a challenge to look for each hole as the golf course is not like what we’re used to – trees lining the sides and clear cut buggy paths to indicate and separate. The tee box markers were very obscure and we had to really look to find them. But the condition was superb for a public course, both on the fairways and on the greens.

I couldn’t get the hang of putting because the green speed was so fast, something I don’t get often when playing back home. As a result I had many three-putts.

We even had buggy problems after we crossed over. By the 14th Hole, the buggy was sputtering and dying a slow death. When we reached the 16th Hole, it died and we had to call in for a replacement.

Despite the putting woes and buggy issue, we had an enjoyable outing, so much so, we will play another round tomorrow. As we now know what to expect, I am sure we will fare better tomorrow.

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