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Snow in Summer

23 Jun

The road to Crater Lake was very straight to drive. We saw a couple of deers along the way. When we got to the area, there was still snow on the ground and the slopes! We had to stop and made two little snowmen. Haha… and this is Summer!

Crater Lake was really, really beautiful and picturesque, totally worth the drive. We spent some time there, trudging through the snow to get to the edge of the rim at the first stop to take pictures and breath in the fresh air.

We made two more stops around the lake before leaving at five, heading towards Bend for dinner.

Crater Lake

23 Jun

The drive to Crater Lake was very pleasant and scenic. There was hardly any cars and no five-lane highways to maneuver. We drove into Willamette National Forest and at one point, reached 5,000 feet elevation. No wonder my ears felt blocked and I couldn’t pop them. Ugh.

We stopped briefly at the Diamond Peak lookout point to admire the snow-capped mountains. Very pretty.

Next stop was Beaver Marsh Rest Area for a quick picnic lunch and bathroom stop. It was three by then before we drove on to Crater Lake.

Love the clouds!

Straight road to heaven ahead!

Farmers Market

23 Jun

It was interesting this morning to check out the Farmers Market akin to what we have back home, the ‘Pasar Tani’ which means the same thing. The only difference is the produce of the stalls.

Back home it’s more of daily vegetables, food and made in China gadgets, here I see things like unusual mushrooms, seasonal fruits, exotic jams, honey, cheese and organic produce. Besides these, there were also crafts, plants, flowers, some clothes and coffee.

I bought a jar of Chardonnay Pear jam after taste-testing a couple of exotic combinations. We also bought a pound of roasted hazelnuts, some pastries and a tray of fruits (Mulberries, Golden Raspberries and Gooseberries) to eat in the car.

After trying out the other berries, I think I like the Mulberry best. The Golden Raspberry are a bit mushy in its overall texture and the mini Gooseberries are almost like grapes, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but not as sweet though.

By noon, we made our way towards Crater Lake.

A Good Rest

23 Jun

For the first time since we arrived, we didn’t have to wake up so early. We woke up only when we were done sleeping which was really nice.

Yesterday we had to wake up at six to go to the airport. And it was tiring given that the night before, returning from the long drive back from Seattle, everyone slept at 1.00am or thereabouts. This morning we heard from M2 who has arrived safely back on campus in Ireland. Relief…

Today we plan to have a leisurely paced itinerary, starting off with a visit to the Farmers Market and then head towards Crater Lake National Park. Although city visits and their attractions are fun, I enjoy trail hikes and be with nature more because it’s more relaxing. No rush, no need to keep time and just breath in the fresh air. Aaaahhh… nice.

With the good rest, I am ready.