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A Rest Day

24 Jun

Even holidays need a break! It’s Sunday today and we’re keeping the itinerary easy. We slept in longer this morning.

We spent the day without a fixed itinerary so we decided to do something fun – a round of mini golf!

Then it was basically checking out all the stores around town to see lovely packaging design and colorful produce on the shelves. It’s a good bonding time.

The Crazy Drive

24 Jun

Yesterday we were on the road for slightly over 13 hours, reaching Corvallis at 11.30pm after the day’s adventure.

The drive back heading West after Bend was crazy. There was one stretch through Willamette National Forest that made us felt like we were racing along the Monte Carlo circuit in Monaco.

It went on for an hour or so, as we turned left and right many times on the road that curved almost like Monaco. Along the way, we saw a few more deers and even a dead one by the road side. Oh dear (no pun intended).

This fella paused to pose for me in Bend!

Bend was very nice and we had dinner at McMenamins, trying out their stout and beer. As M1 is now of legal drinking age, we had three drinks. I must say, I still can’t appreciate a Stout, even a good one, so I stuck to beer.

Well deserved drink after a long day