Campus Tour

14 Jun

I woke up at five this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think the body have adjusted but more so because sunlight came through the blinds, unlike back home where the bedroom had black-out curtains.

We had breakfast at home before taking a stroll to campus. The morning started out cool but got warmer and we worked up a sweat walking around campus and admiring the buildings and architecture.

M1 took us to meet some of her co-workers at her workplace, all of whom were such nice people who had only good words and high praises of her. How sweet. Then she went off with hubby to get the rental car while M2 and I walked a bit more to see more buildings.

By the time we walked home, we have done more than 8000 steps and it’s only two in the afternoon. Initially I thought I had adjusted but before I knew it, I zonked out again.

I think we covered only a small section of the campus, so we will do another walkabout tomorrow.

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