Creepy Siri No More

7 Mar

I have Siri activated again on my iPhone XR and am so glad that it’s not creepy anymore. Previously on the now-retired iPhone5S, it activated itself without any prompt and at odd hours, it was creepy so I disabled the feature.

The only problem for now though is Siri not understanding my Asian voice command. Am I not pronouncing words right? They sound pretty distinct to me…

I was experimenting and Siri listed ‘ate’ instead of ‘eggs’ and ‘Martin’ instead of ‘mutton’ when I prompted it to write my grocery list. Hahaha… I guess both Siri and I have to get used to each other.

For now, Siri is useful to set my alarm as I don’t have to hold the phone to do so especially when I am horizontal in bed. Mundane but practical. In time, I am sure I can assign it to do more.

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