Daily Bonus Mess Up, Part 2

5 Mar

The Candy Crush Soda Daily Bonus is messing up again. After that episode where both my iPad Mini and my iPhone XR showed the same figure, the next few days it went weird again.

First occurrence, the phone captured the Daily Bonus because I picked up the phone first. Then it didn’t show on the iPad, just like the first scare I had. Then the next day, I decided to launch both together and the iPad captured the Bonus but the phone didn’t. By the third morning, both captured the Bonus!

It’s like both devices are playing tag team to record the Daily Bonus – today my turn, tomorrow your turn and together in unison! I’d never know which devices’ turn to have the honor every morning.

I don’t know what’s going on but I figured if at least one of them is still on track to reach 1000 Days, it should be okay. Then I will stop this addiction after the record is achieved.

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