Busted Nail

12 Oct

Three months ago, I slammed the bathroom door into my finger. Ouch. It hurt to high heaven and back. But thank goodness, it was one of those public bathroom wooden door that was not so heavy like the bathroom doors at home. Still… the pain was excruciating.

The finger bruised instantly at the proximal nail fold/eponychium/cuticle/lunula area. In layman terms, at the area between the flesh and the start of the nail of the fourth finger of the right hand.

Amazingly, the bruise stayed with the nail and it has been very fascinating then to see it moving outwards as the nail grew. I should have taken a picture of the accident back then in July. But then again, when one was tipsy and in pain at the time of the incident, taking a picture was the last thing on the mind.


Taken a week apart, 3rd Oct (L) & 11th Oct (R)



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