Newbies, Part 2

22 Dec

Just when we thought the Tuna trio were happy, tragedy struck again! This time it’s like a scene from a horror movie.

It looked like Tuna 2 got devoured by Tuna 3 while Tuna 1 hid in the dark potty cave. Yes, devoured. Hubby suspected Tuna 2 was molting, thus weakened and at its most vulnerable, when it was attacked. Even its old shell was not spared.

Sigh. I have no words to further elaborate. These crayfishes are not easy to handle.

Hubby decided to separate the two remaining Tuna’s for fear of another murder. Tuna 3 was regrettably banished to the big aquarium to be with Meow-meow. Uh oh. Bad move.

Two days later Tuna 3 was never to be seen again. The murderer became the murdered. Super sigh…

Suddenly the little aquarium was reduced to just one inhabitant. I decided to ignore Tuna 1 for a few days to let things settle. And lo and behold, it decided to change shell! It must have occurred yesterday when we were out because in the morning, it still looked fine and no indication of its intended molting act.

Thankfully, Tuna 1 survived the process as there were no lurking big or small predators to eat it in its weakened state. So now, after the demise of Luna, Tuna 2 and Tuna 3, we have one surviving crayfish and it looks healthy.

Let’s hope this newbie will last longer.




What’s left…


A new newbie literally


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