Happy Birthday My Senior Citizen Pet!

11 Nov

Today our Rooney turns nine. That’s 63 years old in dog years! Dang, he’s old. No wonder of late he has been behaving like a senior citizen.

He may be grumpy, annoying and demanding all the time but he is also silly, goofy and lovable. He breathes heavily, slobbers, snores and farts unabashedly, loves the color orange (any toy of this color will do for him) and enjoys fish-based treats, apples, peanut shells (yes, the shells) and even bird seeds. Quite the clown our official pet number one. Fish-based treats? Wait, is he a cat or a dog? Hahaha…

Nobody said having an English bulldog as a pet was easy for we have had our shares of difficulty with his skin problems, stubbornness and laziness. He doesn’t believe in exercise although he enjoys jumping at soap bubbles occasionally. On top of all these, he is also very OCD for a dog! We still have not resolved the washing machine drainage pipe issue.

But we love him regardless. Happy birthday Roo!


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