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Day of Sadness

29 Nov

Pets going to pet heaven is inevitable. The fishes that we had in the little aquarium came and went pretty fast and we never felt anything. But when the same fate happened to Luna so soon, our pet crayfish, we felt sadness and an emptiness never before. I guess it never crossed our minds that she will go so soon and rather tragically.

There was definitely a bond with Luna, compared to the Bettas. She had character and was interesting. And definitely a delight to observe.

The last time we had some crustacean pets was when the girls were younger. They had some hermit crabs and we even had a hermit crab abode for them, a crabarium instead of an aquarium. Now those critters had character too, and were fun and silly. But all had gone to let heaven.

Our pet heaven is pretty crowded. There’s Luna now, along with all the Bettas, the hermit crabs, some koi and parrot fishes, a couple of Indian Star tortoises, a terrapin and hamsters. I hope there won’t be any addition for now.