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A Case of Two Breakfasts

15 Nov

It seems to be a pattern that every time we are away on local escapades or road trips, there is this need to eat twice for breakfast. We did this in Ipoh two weeks ago and again in Penang on Saturday, the morning after the wedding dinner. 

For breakfast #1, we had an array of local delights: Char Kueh Teow, Lobak and some Kueh Chap innards minus the Kueh Chap at the coffee shop on Lebuh Carnarvon. Then we traversed to Jalan Gottlieb for the second breakfast of Assam Laksa. The coffee shop is located right smack opposite Penang Chinese Girls School. All these before noon, that’s why it’s two breakfasts. 

This pattern is only doable when there is no fixed agenda for the day. With a free and easy schedule and basically a mission to eat, the other adventure here is following the GPS to the coffee shops, then driving around to look for parking and thereafter, hope for an available table to reap the effort.

I must admit I am not a breakfast person. My usual fare would be just a cup of coffee and something light. So having two breakfasts is worrying. The pants become subconsciously tighter than before and guilt sets in, so standing on my bathroom scale is a definite no-no for the time being. Guess there won’t be breakfast, let alone two breakfasts for now until the next road trip or escapade comes around!


Char Kueh Teow with duck egg tastes better!


Penang Lobak is just so yummy


Porky innards. Not for the faint hearted


This Assam Laksa tastes as good as it looks