Decisions! Decisions!

7 Oct

I wrote this prior to achieving the unimaginable. I thought I would be stuck at level 425 for my Candy Crush for awhile but I finally conquered the level on Saturday night. Now comes the predicament (again). To move forth by playing on the laptop or wait for the update on the iPad. Hmm… Decisions, decisions. I chose to move forth and fellow candy crushers have sent me tickets to see me through. Thank you!


Thanks to my fellow Candy Crushers, I have moved on, on the laptop. Bye folks!

My second predicament is my other game, Zookeeper Battle. It now has an update to be in line with iOS7!!! Oh dear. Just last week, I decided to prolong the update of my iPad to the new OS for as long as I can. And now, my second favorite game has an update. Hmm… Decisions, decisions (again). For this, I’d say status quo for now.

I must say as days pass, fiddling with my updated iPhone4, certain features of the new OS are nice. I particularly like the torchlight and I listen to my music more. But I still do not like the green and blue colors of the bubble text messages. And the biggest unlike is the passcode to key in every time I want to use the phone. While this may be an added security feature, I think it’s an extra step and effort.

So my iPad remains as is, and my Zookeeper as well. For how long, we shall see. And if you must know, I zipped through the new chapter in the candy saga and am now at Level 433.

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