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Felting is Fun!

6 Dec

So I have been felting when there is an opportunity to do so. Suddenly crafting miniatures or carving seem tedious and time-consuming. I have to admit, I have been busy and have not had much time for my hobbies. Even with my golf outings, I have reduced my playing time.

After the thrill and satisfaction of completing the Totoro character, I started on another felting piece. This time, it is my interpretation of Mike from the animation movie – Monsters, Inc.

My version of Mike from Monsters Inc.

A little thinner than the actual cartoon character, I think my attempt is not too bad. After all, this is only my third piece, and practice does make perfect. I need to do more and often. And it looks like crafting miniatures and carving will be taking a backseat for now.

A New Hobby, Part 2

3 Dec

So I finally sat down and tried felting after completing DIY project number 22. It was just right to attempt this since I was in-between crafting and carving. And my goodness, I loved it!

So simple yet, so time-consuming, I found myself seated at my little workstation and poking away at the wool for some time. My first piece, following the tutorial, came out a little out of proportion, but I got the hang of things.

My first felting piece!

Then I decided to make a Totoro since it was seated in the living room. I thought this was better than referencing something from the internet. Such fun I had! I took two days to complete my second felting piece. And I sense this is the beginning of something new to keep busy when I get tired of crafting miniatures or lazy to carve.

My second felting piece, Totoro.