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Unfazed by the Weather

6 Nov

Sometimes weather plays a role in determining the outcome of a holiday outing is a success or not. It drizzled yesterday morning, but we were unfazed by it. I was clever enough to pack an umbrella, and it came in handy!

Tempting displays caught our eye!

We had another pastry breakfast to start our day. Luckily, the rain was light, and I did not need to open the umbrella. But when I had to, it was cold. Brr. I had to wear my gloves.

Pastries and sandwich for breakfast

We passed St Paul’s Cathedral and headed towards the Millennium Bridge to check out Tate Museum. The timing was perfect as we spent two hours indoors, staying warm and out of the drizzling conditions.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Uber Boat anyone?

There were many interesting art pieces on display. However, two works caught our eye, not so much for their visual impact but for the lack of it instead. What qualifies these two non-visuals as art, displayed at Tate Modern? The concept? The process? They were blank canvases, for goodness sake! It baffled us to no end.

This is art? Or is this art?
Two embossed circles and dots make this art?

After Tate, we headed to Starbucks for a quick bite and cold coffee to refuel our energy. We passed Amazon Fresh and trodded on toward the Shard for a picture opportunity and discovered the Borough Market in that area. What a pleasant discovery!

Mind Boggling Choices

27 Jun

Yesterday I was at the stores and was browsing aisle after aisle. The choices are mind boggling!

Just for bread alone, a stretch on the aisle with so many variations. Gatorade had super sizes that I have never seen on the shelves back home. The other stuff on the shelves too, I could go on. Amazing.

Be Sad and Eat Oats

10 Aug

Sunday morning my laptop died. It can’t turn on. My MacBook Air. Gone. Kaput. I was not in the least upset but more worried that I could not play my games! Aargh…

Hubby declared, “Do not touch my laptop!” killing off any hopes of using his device to play my games.

Oh dear. What should I do?

We googled up tips and tried everything possible to resuscitate my laptop but to no avail. The laptop just cannot turn on after I shut it down the night before (instead of putting it to sleep).

So after lunch, we went to the mall and sent it in to Apple for service and was advised to leave it for two days. Two days without my laptop. How to progress for my Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda? The two games that I now have no choice but to play on the laptop because there’s no updates yet for my iPad.

I felt miserable thinking about my options. And wanted to buy something, anything to drown my sadness. 

Walking pass every shop and retailer, I itched to buy the travel bag, eat gelato, buy a Thermos flask (I already have two) and drink Starbucks or a juice, an impulse reaction at being a loss.

When we walked into the pharmacy, M2 pointed to the oats on the shelf and suggested I “be sad and eat oats”. Cheeky girl, goading me on.

Boo hoo hoo… 

I hope the laptop will be fine.

We ended up eating a choc vanilla waffle and drank a Starbucks frappuccino.


Comfort food


So I Can Have Your Coffee?

10 Jul


I was running late for my lunch appointment when the iMessage came. It was M2 and the Drama Queen act unfolded…

“Can I have the Italian Starbucks? The one in the kitchen.”

“It’s normal coffee that I drink. Are you sure?”
“There’s no sugar in it.”

“Yeah, I’ll add sugar.”

And I thought that was the end of this, then…

“Guess what? I passed 200m and shot put.”

It was standard school sports that morning, so I was getting an update on it.

“That’s good.”
“But I don’t think I passed long jump!”

“Oh well…”

“Cause I fell flat onto the sand”
“It hurts…”
“My leg hurts!!!”

“Oh dear”

“My eye hurts…”

“Oh no”
“I call you now…”

“There’s sand in my eyes” then pause, then the request came.

“So I can have your coffee?”

I think Drama Queen was at her best here. Yes, I did call and yes, she did have my coffee with lots of sugar added, as reported by M1 later.