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An Early Halloween?

29 Jun

It was a late night and we were out. Whilst waiting at the traffic light, something caught our eyes and I quickly took a picture of it!

The van in front of us had a hand sticking out from the vehicle and resting near the number plate! My goodness. Surely it cannot be Halloween now in June with such a morbid decoration. Or heaven forbid, a kidnapped person’s hand. But the hand was not waving frantically for attention, moreover the van had big clear windows and it would be darn obvious if situation was not okay.

Whoever was sitting in there was just placing the hand in a comfortable position for grip. Why can’t the person sit properly up front instead of in the boot?

A Halloween Owl, Part 2

6 Nov

I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder for carving up a four inch Citizen of Gigglesville. The Halloween Owl is a pretty good effort for a first attempt on a bigger and harder piece. And suddenly I find my other citizens so minuscule!

How did I ever managed to carve up 111 pieces of one inch tall or thereabouts of the Citizens and a band of Superheroes too? Just as amazing.

Now that this is completed, onwards to color it!

A Green Halloween!

1 Nov

Halloween came and went, and here we are in November already! My goodness, where did time go? Before you know it, the Christmas decors have to be out and up.

Halloween is a day old already but I’d like to write about it. I had posted several pictures (on Facebook) prior to it but never quite told the whole story, so here goes…

Two nights ago, I decided to indulge M1 and M2 with some Halloween fun. Now, in my country, pumpkins are very expensive because they are imported. Those huge ones specifically for the occasion are even more expensive. But a friend inspired me to use watermelons instead of pumpkins. At a fraction of a price from a pumpkin, why not? What a brilliant idea! Thanks B1, you’re a star too.

So, on our way home, I told hubby to go buy the two biggest watermelons that he can get his hands on. Thankfully, the sensibility in him landed us two decent sized ones, any bigger, we’d end up with watermelon overdose.

The girls were thrilled. We’ve never carved pumpkins nor watermelons before. But the occasion was met with zest. The fruit I must say was much easier to cut being all water inside, therefore easy for the knife the pierce through. The whole process took less than an hour. A quick research, an impromptu set up and not much of a mess was made.

They enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we ended up with 4 liters of fresh watermelon juice! Even Roo, official pet number one, enjoyed some juicy watermelon pieces. Subsequently, there were many suggestions given to maximize the watermelon juice, from making ice cubes to creating vodka cocktails, it sure was creative.

Let the pictures show you our carving efforts for Halloween this year. Given the final outcome, no one would have guessed our creations were made from watermelons and not pumpkins if it was not mentioned. Nonetheless, it’s the result that matters. Happy Halloween!


The two unassuming eventual stars.


M2 scrapping her melon.


M1 outlining her melon.


Off with the head for M1’s red melon!


M2’s melon is complete!


Work in progress for M1’s melon.


Ready to be lighted.


Tadaa… our creations!


M2’s work of art.


M1’s work of art.

Can I Be an Onion?

30 Sep

In a blink of an eye, we face October (tomorrow). What this means is Halloween is also around the corner and every year, we go through the same thing, call it predicament or argument, it is always on what to wear for that ghoulish night.

During the Spongebob craze period several years back, I made a Spongebob costume for M2 and she complained other fellow trick or treaters deemed her too friendly and cute instead of scary after the walkabout that night. Miffed by the comments which was inappropriate for ghoulish theme, she decided the next time, she would be something else to make people wary, scared or even cry at the sight of her.

“Can I be an onion for the next Halloween?” she asked.

“Onion?! Why?” I asked, curiosity got the better of me.

“Onions make people cry. And I wanna make people cry so that nobody will say I am cute.” she rationalized and concluded. In her mind, crying equates to fear; fear equates to horror, horror being the theme of Halloween, get it?

The onion costume never materialized thankfully.

I should say Halloween is not a big thing in our country but it is catching up in our neighborhood estate. So I brace myself for what madcap ideas M2 may have. M1, on the other hand, being older and more sensible treats the day just like any other day. Phew.