I Love Pez!

16 Jul

I love to collect things, from the typical to the quirky and unusual. Besides the usual knick knacks and paintings from my travels, I enjoy growing my animal figurine collection especially the owls, pigs and elephants. One of my more quirky collection however, is not an animal but the candy dispenser, Pez. I guess when one already have 16 dispensers on display, it can qualify as a collection.

I don’t know why but I simply love Pez. I was at the grocery store the other day and came across these two new ones and I had to get them. Gary now completes my Spongebob collection, while Dave is the first of the Despicable Me family.

My all time favorite though, has to be the miniature sized bunny that I bought from Hong Kong many years ago. Apparently it’s a collector’s piece due to its condition. But I didn’t know much about its history then and never bothered to find out; I bought it because it was cute and it appealed to me.

But as I am writing this, I am also suddenly curious. So thanks to the internet, yesterday I managed to find out more with some tedious googling. It’s a character for Play Station games. You can see the complete collection, #009 Dokodemo Issyo 1 mini Pez at http://pingu.minipez.net/page/5/. It’s adorable, no?  

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