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A Getaway!

25 Mar

It is nice when we can have a getaway after staying put for so long. When M1 had to clear her work-leave days, we jumped at the opportunity. But the trip had to include golf for us.

So here we are, at Forest City Golf Resort in Johor, for our golfing fun and her, a relaxing escape from work stress to enjoy the other activities.

The lobby area of Forest City Golf Resort

The drive down south was pleasant, and we arrived at the resort ahead of schedule yesterday. The golf course was not busy at all, and being buggy-on-course, we thoroughly enjoyed this.

The fairways were in superb condition, likewise the greens. Even the tee boxes were excellent, level all the time, unlike our club where we find the ground not even to stand when we tee up.

We play our second game today.

A Reprieve

22 Mar

Of late the weather has been like being in a furnace! So darn hot. Over the weekend whilst hubby was away in Johor to play golf, M2 and I stayed home and literally chilled with the air cons at full blast.

She was seated at the dining table, studying and I was on the sofa in the living room, crushing candies and saving farm animals as usual. The air con was totally appreciated and especially so when we could feel the difference in the temperature the minute we walked into the kitchen to get a cold drink.

Today, on the way to work, it rained. A reprieve from the heat but it caused an unnecessary traffic crawl and we were late to the office. But I am not complaining. The rain is welcomed.

Hoping for better and cooler days ahead.