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Pushing Myself

7 Jun

Last week, I pushed myself on my activities. After playing golf in the morning, I was back in the office in the afternoon. Then in the evening we went to the gym. I told my trainer to go easy on me because I had done more than 11 thousand steps already, more than the quota for the day.

So she put me on the lighter weights instead of the ten-pounder that I have been using the last few sessions. And certain routines, I jumped, lunged and turned less than hubby. I managed and survived the workout session.

And towards the end of last week, my weight dropped even further! Now that’s motivation to push myself. I was down to a mere 0.3lbs away from my new revised target. Woo hoo…

This week, it was the same for Monday – golf then office. However, gym was cancelled because it’s two days before Hari Raya. And it’s only sensible to give my trainer a break from fighting with traffic (like last week) to make her way over to us. It can be very aggravating to be on the road with so many cars for their last minute errands and what nots. Not a good feeling to have before the festivity and holiday.

With Wednesday and Thursday being public holidays again, focusing on the 16/8 diet was a challenge because our routine and menu had to be adjusted.

In fact on Tuesday, I literally pigged out when I met up with my girlfriends dining on a sumptuous porky spread. That evening we talked, laughed and ate passed my eating window. Forget the 16/8 as it was a great night catching up. And after an eventful week, the weigh-in this morning, to my surprise was 0.8lbs beyond the new target! Double woo hoo…

Now I know why I push myself and not sit on my laurels. It sure feels good! Maybe at this point, I will go for another 0.2lbs just to round up the number. From then on, it should be about maintaining the weight as is because my target, twice, has been achieved. There’s no need to set a third new target weight.

To recap, I started this 16/8 diet on 25th Feb and had a horrendous weight spike at the end of that week. But perseverance and discipline paid off over the months. Today, officially on record, I have lost a total of 10.8lbs. So proud of myself.

On Track, Part 2

15 Mar

I thought I was going with one ten-pounder at gym on Monday but instead my trainer pushed me to use both the ten pound weights for most of the routines. Dang. That night I thought I would suffer and would continue to suffer for the next two days like always. Amazingly, this did not happen.


The upper body did not ache to high heaven at all. I held up okay but it did take some effort to walk up six flights of stairs the next day at work when the elevator was not working. I could feel the acidic burn on the thighs and butt. Double dang.

But it’s all for a good cause. After all, no pain no gain, right? There’s a good feeling because it was an achievement, being able to handle both the manly weights.

Only certain routines I went back to my four pound weights and they felt so puny and light. Peanuts… hahaha.

Oh… and my weight? As of today, it’s 0.4lbs up from last Friday’s weigh-in and I suspect this slight increment is due to the three orange cookies I ate after dinner during the window to eat. They were calling out to me and I couldn’t resist. It’s okay, a little indulgence won’t derail me, I am still on track.

The Challenge Begins

26 Feb

Last Monday, we finally went back to gym after almost a month’s break. Thank goodness I did not feel sluggish after so long. The past month there were all these reasons to skip gym – valid reasons though – M2 leaving for Ireland, preparing for Chinese New Year, leaving town for the Reunion Dinner and all. But now, with all these out of the way, there’s no more reasons to miss gym anymore.

And last night we hit the gym again because last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was packed with dinner dates, making me guilty, so all the more not to skip.

The determination to want to lose that awful added weight made me rather pumped up. And like last week, I used one ten-pounder weight for some of my routines, a big jump from my usual two four-pounders.


My serious ten-pounder

Although gym session is only once a week, I think I am off to a good start on the challenge especially with the solid program that my trainer has drawn up. Besides working out with her, there’s also golf to burn some calories too. I just need to stay more disciplined with the food intake, after all there’s a whole list of things I avoid due to Endometriosis, then I will do fine. I hope…

Today I am sore to the core and it will be worse by tomorrow. The challenge is on.

Ciabatta No More, Part 2

22 Nov

A couple of weeks ago, the effort reworking the second Gnome Home sapped me and I left it unattended for days after the first coat of colors. Eventually, despite a gruelling gym session where—in my trainer’s words “She went mental and gave it to us”— we were depleted of strength, I somehow managed to muster some energy to apply the final coat of acrylic to the roof and chimney.

The Fire Engine Red is obviously darker than the Cadmium Red but I think there’s character as well. I think the Gnomes like it.

Now in between mulling another home but a towering one for variation, I carved four phone holder whales, seven Gnomes and a Monument. So much carving to do, so little time.


The Gnomes standing proudly in front of the two new Gnome Homes.

A Fat Mermaid

26 Mar

Last night I had my gym session with just my trainer and it felt strange. No hubby (he had a dinner meeting) and the girls around unlike the week before where it was the final gym session for M1 with my trainer. It was fun because M2 came along and we sweated together for the last time. I thought it was a necessary session (remember my weighing scale?) especially to rid all that guilt (and fat) from the constant eating during the last week before M1 flew off.

My trainer gave us a tough time and everyone gasped for breath. But that wasn’t all. While doing stretching on the floor, M2 commented that I looked like a manatee. The gall of her! Giving her mommy a tough time too.

My trainer perked up and asked politely, a what?

Unabashed, she reiterated the manatee mention and fueled it further with a fat mermaid description, and that I looked like both. Eeesh. But all in good fun, we had a great laugh, gasping for breath all over again. M2 was on a roll with her acid jokes.

Right after that, she also mentioned that a fat unicorn is actually a rhino in disguise. Geez… The things they learn from the internet.

Well, fat mermaid and fat rhino aside, I really have to sweat it out and was glad we had that session together last week. Another memory etching moment to cherish.

My New Gym Shoes

14 Mar

For years, hubby and I have a personal trainer (in short, a PT whom I sometimes dubbed personal torturer) and we have gym session once a week. This year, both girls decided to join us for this routine as they find it somewhat refreshing to also train despite a tiring day at school.

Week after week, we would diligently do exercise routines that focus on the core and stamina, nothing extreme but enough to break out a sweat and helpful especially for our golf.

Now, my gym shoes are old and ugly; despite its state of ugliness, I love my Reebok. It is comfortable and serves me well. However, with time and much use, it is falling apart and needs to be replaced yet I never got around to it.

But it has come to a point where it really needs to be replaced because it is quite an embarrassment to be wearing a pair of shoes that leaves little bits of trail around the gym everytime I move about. Yes, that’s how bad it has become, literally falling apart with each movement.


Aren’t my shoes cute?

So recently, I bought a new pair of Reebok much to the envy of hubby, M1 and M2. So envious they were, it was also the perfect excuse for them not to exercise because they don’t have new gym shoes like me. And only me, with the new Reebok has the ability to train well in comparison to them.

“Nope! Can’t do that. No new shoes…”

“Sorry, no grip. Can’t do it!”

It was silly but we had fun. Will they be getting new gym shoes? We shall see.