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Leaving on a Jet Plane

25 Sep

It has been six months that M2 came back from Ireland at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic mayhem. And it was a good six months with her around; the house is not so big and empty.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Time has flown by so fast, and it is time for her to return to Ireland for her studies.

While we are worried about her journey, there are many precautions and SOPs taken by the airlines and airports to ensure a safe journey for every traveler. So we should be comforted by these new norm practices.

I will, as always, track her flight on flightaware.com and being unable to sleep through the night until I know she has arrived safely on campus. A mother’s worry is constant regardless of how old a child is.

She leaves on Sunday evening. Sniffles.

MCO Extended, Phase 3

17 Apr

It looks like this Movement Control Order (MCO) is never gonna end as the Covid-19 cases keep growing. There are still idiots who are not abiding the law to stay home. So after the second phase concluded on 14 April, it was extended!

Even my Gnomes are showing the way to do it – stay home!

We are now into our third phase which started on Wednesday, 15 April and will conclude by 28 April. For the record, we have been confined, restricted, staying home and distancing ourselves since 18 March. That’s a whole month already. Dang!

Will we be the same once the MCO is lifted and we are allowed to be out? I think no. Life from then on will never be the same again.

Baking is The New Normal

14 Apr

After the ‘success’ of the accidental bread last week, hubby urged me to bake another loaf. So I did, just to kill time. And discovered what went wrong with the first loaf.

I got the units wrong! Silly me. The measurement was correct but the unit was wrong. The teeny weeny print on the measuring cup was ‘ML’ which I couldn’t see and I simply assumed it was gram. Signs of being a dinosaur… sigh.

Thinking I had it right, I measured 350ML of flour and not 350G as required by the recipe. No wonder the mixture was watery with the flour ratio way off to the milk. Don’t forget, this was my first attempt at baking a bread after so long. To even attempt something like this, common sense to what was required was not present. Luckily we were able to save the dough with the additional flour thrown in.

So having learnt the mistake, I was more careful with measuring for the second attempt. But patience’s not on my side. I find I don’t have the patience especially when it comes to allowing the dough to sit and rise. I couldn’t wait for the yeast to do its thing.

Unlike baking a cake (from a box that is) where I just throw everything together and pop it in the oven without wasting time, bread making needs more precision and patience.

The second attempt. Ugly but edible

The second attempt turned out a little less stellar than the first loaf but still edible. And since then, it’s hubby who has been baking every other day to pass time. It’s as if baking is the new normal as we continue adhering to the MCO as laid out by the government.

He’s baked several loaves already as well as a batch of bagels. We have so much bread to eat now.

Bread, bread and more bread plus bagels!

Days of My MCO Life, Part 2

13 Apr

The bread that I baked last week was an out-of-the-blue decision. I called it the accidental bread. I was set to bake a cake in the beginning, the instant cake-from-the-box easy peasy one of course. Then I decided why not bake bread too? Since we have all the time in the world.

Also I wanted to give the Kenwood Rapid Bake bread maker another chance but the bread maker tripped the electricity in the house again. This reaffirmed that it’s a machine problem and wasn’t a user problem the last time when I used the machine.

So Plan B had to be kicked in because we had an unbaked bread in hand.

Rather than wasting the dough because the trip occurred when the bread maker went into the baking mode, we managed to salvage it. With some modification – adding more flour to the unusual watery mixture (don’t ask me how it became like that), we let the dough sit for a bit.

Then into the conventional oven it went. The final outcome turned out pretty good despite its appearance! A pat on the shoulder for the both of us.

Tastes better than it looks

Do I look forward to baking my next loaf of bread in the oven? I’m not too sure, we shall see.

Besides these self-discoveries and time-consuming activities, I caught up with my reading, finishing several titles and I started watching a Netflix series, something I never did previously. It’s certainly interesting times with the days of my MCO life.

Emptier Nest

14 Oct

The past few days, the home front felt different and odd. Not used to it. The coming home and being home routines are unfamiliar without official pet number one around. The empty nest is now emptier.

No more sight of him waiting for us, no more insistent barks during our dinner time, no more demands to share our fruits or more of his snacks, no more snores or unabashed farts to break the silence, no more presence. In short, no more routines that we are used to. Sniffle…

Rooney was certainly a family member and a very vocal one, not just a pet like the fish or the tortoise, visible but silent.

Sad as it is, this is inevitable. We should be positive and look at the bright side; he lived a good and happy life – giving us many wonderful memories, annoying moments included.

He was a month and a day short of his 12th birthday, far longer than the eight to ten years typical for bull dogs. He will be dearly missed… Sniffle…

Noises in the Ceiling

1 Apr

We like our house and enjoy the space, warmth and comfort it offers. But I realized we are not the only ones who like it; there are creatures who share the same sentiments as us. We have had a bird come and made a home with her nest not too long ago at the car porch. But this feathered friend is not the first, there were earlier settlers, on the gutters outside the kitchen, M2’s bathroom and in the garden. I’ve lost track.

So far we have had other short term visitors: rats, squirrels, cats, more birds, snake(!), bat and owl. With our dog, fishes, tortoises and turtles, it’s almost like a mini zoo!

This morning when I woke up, I heard noises up in the ceiling.

Something is up there, busy traipsing across the length of the room, lugging what sounded like a twig or wire. I think it’s a bird because it sounded light footed. Surely it cannot be a furry four legged? Gulp…

Whatever it was, I think it’s trying to build a nest and settle down. Maybe we will check out the ceiling in a few days’ time to see who’s come a calling.


Day visitor


Unwelcomed visitor in the garden!


“Indoors is better!”


Not Quite Back to Routine

15 Oct

We got home yesterday evening to happy constant chatter from the girls. Both just had so much so share during our 4 days’ absence from home. But as it was only 4 days, they said they did not miss us much.

It is a public holiday today and it’s a nice further break from the break to ease us back slowly into our normal ways. Not quite back to routine (work) just yet although last night, I was back to my candy crushing ways, I am treating myself to a facial and massage later. And it was a pleasant surprise that I managed to progress in my game to 437, having been stuck at 434 for some time.

Once things settle down, routine it will be until the next break!

The Sick Bay

4 Oct

Mummy and Daddy’s room is also known as ‘The Sick Bay’ whenever one child or the other is sick and needs care around the clock especially at night. When this happens, not just a mattress is set up for the sick one, several plush toys come along too to accompany the patient for security and comfort and the floor becomes an obstacle course to navigate through. Thankfully as the girls are older now with their immunity stronger and better against those meany germs, the sick bay setup has lessen.

But a sick bay it is not, when daddy goes away, and the room becomes a sleepover pajama party haunt instead. And yes, the plushies still come but not so many. Sometimes, it is nice to have these bonding moments with the girls and thoroughly cherish it while they still want to do it!

Caught Coming Home!

12 Aug

It was one of those days when I got tired at the office with nothing doing and decided to go home early. And as I opened the front door at 4.30pm, they must have heard me because immediately, M2 called out, “Mummy! You’re not supposed to be home yet! Why are you home??!!!”

Gosh. It doesn’t matter what they were doing but am I not allowed home early? So I said, “Ok, pretend I am not home then. I will go to my room and nap till 7pm before coming out to greet you two again, ok?”


My own home, not allowed to be home. Eeesh.