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Hot and Bothered

22 Jul

The weather lately has been unbearable, making me all hot and bothered. I’m sure I am not the only one.

There are days when the Weather app will show a lower temperature, but in reality, it is hotter. Like this morning, for example, the Weather app reading says 31 degrees Celsius, but it feels like 37 degrees with the humidity. Two days ago, it was 36 degrees, but it felt like 42 degrees!

The heat issue is not just felt here but all over the world. The situation reaffirms that global warming is real. To combat this intense heat and humidity, I try to stay hydrated and be indoors if I can. Better still, I will minimize my movement and be a sloth for the next few days!

Au Revoir Paris!

25 Jul

It seemed like only yesterday that we arrived and six days has gone by. Today is our last day in Paris. Where did the time go? I guess when two are busy having business meetings while one is traversing across museums and attractions, time does fly by.

Six days away does create separation anxiety, this time more obvious in the children and Rooney. I try to FaceTime with them whenever the time zone allows and I also discovered that official pet number one misses us both terribly. He has been unusually quiet in our absence.

I leave Paris today with better memories than the last time. Hotel Magenta has been pleasant, convenient and very comfortable. The museums have been very inspiring, I may go back and whip out that canvas that has been collecting dust. The food, well, could be more exciting if I had more time to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. But then again, I really enjoyed my ham and cheese baguette lunches. And when dinner time came around, I was too tired to enjoy anything but a nice cold beer. Thumbs up for 1664! The city is great, if not for the hot and humid weather the last few days, which according to the locals is rather unusual. Global warming?

Would I return? Yes. Au revoir Paris, I will be back.

We leave the city of lights tonight. With another 15 hours to kill before departure, I am willing the hours to fly by quickly now; I miss my girls and I can’t wait to see them (and Rooney) again!