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My New Addiction

11 Oct

I started playing two new games recently, and they have become my new addiction. The games are Tsuki’s Odyssey and Tsuki Adventure. Both games have the same character, a little bunny called Tsuki, but the graphic renderings are different in the scenarios. Nonetheless, both appeal to me, and I spend so much time with Tsuki these days.

As such, DIY project number 17, which I went back to attempt to complete, is going ever so slowly. Suddenly crafting miniatures is not a priority anymore and has taken a backseat because I am constantly collecting carrots for Tsuki in both games. Will this new addiction wear off?

Cat Condo is So Last Decade

14 Jan

Of late, collecting money to evolve cute cats is becoming so mindless and so last decade. It’s been very slow to add a new species even though I am constantly at it. I think I just want to collect them all just to see what they look like. To divert my boredom, I started playing a new game, Homescapes.


Am up to Level 343 as of today, this morning.

This game has been around for sometime already but it never caught my interest until recently. As I’m getting tired becoming a gazillionaire with both the Cat Condo games, I decided to give Homescapes a try because it kept popping up (as an ad) when I’m tending to the cats.

So far, it has been holding my interest well – I’ve been playing it at every opportunity and even into the wee hours past midnight. But we shall see how long this can last.

A Ridiculous Fortune

12 Aug

It’s becoming quite an addiction playing the Cat Condo game constantly. Even during both my weekend golf games, whilst waiting to tee off each time, I’d whip out the phone to collect my fortune and build the feline abode.

The amount is mind boggling, not in thousands or millions but billions! I have never played any game before that made me such a gazillionaire with a ridiculous fortune in such a short time. And it’s a nice feeling.

As of today, I have managed to unveil 22 out of 40 species already and the condo size has grown steadily. At the rate that I am growing my fortune and using it to the fullest without going bankrupt, I may be able to unveil all by the end of the week unless I stop playing. We shall see.

30b in 15 minutes. Not bad, right?

Playing in Wonky Weather

12 May

When I was in school dinosaur years ago, the choices we had for games were rather limited in an all-girls’ school. Besides track and field, which I was hopeless at, there was netball, table tennis, basketball and softball. 

And somehow in those days, rain or shine, we enjoyed our games. I don’t recall ever complaining about playing in unfavorable conditions nor do I remember falling sick. Weather back then was more mild compared to the weather now. My friends and I had even walked home on several occasions after school in the rain, something we don’t allow our children to do today. Ahh… those were the days.

A couple of years back, during a sports activity at school, M1 lamented that the sports teacher made them play netball in the rain after school, just like my good old days. But these girls besides fearing all sorts of disaster, groaned and worried about getting soaked and being tired out from playing three continuous matches. It didn’t help the team spirit that M1 told them that they would all die from the rain. Rain? Really… you mean lightning, falling structures or trees?

While I rolled my eyes when I heard my brilliant child commented on dying from rain, inwardly, I was glad no major mishap occurred from that outing save for a few bruises and scratches.

Nonetheless, we must be mindful of the lightning charge in the air before being too gung-ho about it. Maybe on that netball game day, it was just rain, no charge in the air so it was deemed safe to continue.

While playing in the rain is not something we would do or encourage due to the lightning charge factor especially, the weather these days compared to the good old days have changed for the worse. And I find that one falls sick easily if exposed to too much sun or soaked by a little rain. Global warming?

It has been reported our hot oven days will soon be over but not for the better unfortunately. The conditions are predicted to be replaced by rain and flash floods followed by haze soon after. One woe to another and then another! My goodness. For now, almost every afternoon without fail, it has been raining and this will worsen. 

Sigh… looks like no afternoon netball or golf until this spell clears. But when it does, the haze will swoop in. Yay. Great.