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Dang! She’s Good

21 Jul

I can’t help but gush about my M2’s artistic ability. Recently, I officially engaged her for one of my client’s project. The style: doodles, something she was very capable of.

The project: a doodle to depict a community of health. I paid her for the job and I think she did an excellent job. The end result speaks for itself. Dang! She’s good.

M2's art

The Prettiest Grocery List

14 Apr

Whenever I do groceries, I have to have a list. It’s a habit of mine that I prefer the old fashion paper and a pencil to check things off over a list keyed into my iPhone.

Sometimes I even add little doodles next to the items to make the list easier to see than read. After all, I am an artsy person, why not apply my skills to make the mundane more interesting?

When M2 was younger, I used to make her do my grocery list. There was once after she was done, she said excitedly, “Mummy! Here… You now have the prettiest grocery list!”

“See the flowers? They are growing!”

Indeed, my grocery list had very neat cursive hand-writing peppered with some decorations and a short sequence of the growing flower, from pod to bloom.

Pretty. I should make her do my grocery list more often these days.

Passing the Time After the Exams

16 Jul

Typically after completing an exam, I remember attempting to look around, trying to peek over a friend’s shoulder or just walking out of the classroom.

Nowadays, what do the children do, especially before handing the paper over to the teacher? M1 told me she’d pretend to be occupied by counting how many people are sleeping, rechecking her answers or doing some doodles; basically pretending to be busy.

M2 on the other hand, would just doodle and can’t be bothered with the pretense. Recently, she showed me what she did after an exam.


Wow… My drawing skills pale in comparison sometimes.