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The Ugly Crocs are Traveling Again!

19 Mar

Well, well… Guess what? I am traveling again! Seems like an eternity that I last went away on vacation. Eternity?! Some may query. Well it was November and it was last year, so it seemed like a long time ago…

Nonetheless, a vacation is always totally deserving to get away from the work stress and all. So hubby and I, along with my ugly Crocs and our golfing buddies, are off to Chiangmai, Thailand for some golfing fun.

So goodbye KL! I can’t wait…

My New Ugly Crocs

31 Oct

Hubby decreed that my old Crocs are way too ugly for my next holiday and reminded me to get a new pair to replace it.

The old pair has indeed served me well, for years I should add. All worn out and falling to pieces, it’s time to say goodbye to it; Inspector Clouseau will have a new home too.


My old ugly Crocs.

Last Monday after work, we brought the girls out shopping and I bought a new pair of shiny Crocs, literally. Frankly, I didn’t have much choice as the new range are just too weird. It’s bad enough to have ugly Crocs but to don weird ones, I don’t know. M1 and M2 are just shaking their heads at the range available.


My pretty new ugly Crocs.

I know I am contradicting myself here saying it’s ugly yet I wear it. But they ARE comfortable and protects my toes well without giving me horrid tan lines (like how I envision a flip flop would). Also if I go near water (pool or seaside) or accidentally stepped into a puddle of water, the Crocs are easier to wash than my Rockport, which is leather and suede. See my point?

Furthermore, I realized from my recent trip to Bali, when one walks on the street, one keeps the eye at the face level, not feet level, so my Crocs are not the first thing people see.

Lastly, when I travel, nobody knows me save for the company I am with, so does it matter if I wear ugly Crocs? I usually have a great time so that’s all that matters.


My Ugly Crocs

13 Oct

Unlike my previous trips overseas where my Blundstone boots served me well, the hot weather in Bali just does not seem right for me to be wearing jeans and boots to play tourist.

So I chose my ugly Crocs over my other open-toe Rockport sandals. M1 and M2 have stopped wearing their Crocs ever since it was reported that it is the ugliest thing to wear, but I find them comfortable. It shields my toes somewhat from dirt and protects my feet from the scorching sun. If I were to wear flip flops, I suspect I may end up with tan lines on my feet, something I don’t fancy.

So, in my fisherman pants and singlet, the ugly Crocs blends me into the crowd.


My ugly Crocs are really ugly, worn out and tattered.