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Cow’s Burp

11 Jul

A few years back when M2 discovered the joy of writing little notes and messages, she wrote a lot and scattered them here and there for me to discover. One day, I found a note listing down all my favorite things. Aww… How sweet.

Scanning the list, my heart swelled, “Golf, iPad, Travel, Wine…” she knows her mummy well. Then, “Cow’s Burp!”

Intrigued, I asked her what that was and she went, “Cow’s Burp? Oh, that is what you and daddy drink when you go out!”

“Ahh… You mean Carlsberg!” I said, totally tickled.

“Uh-huh, Cow’s Burp. Isn’t that how it is spelt?” she looked at me with eyebrows raised.

Err… not quite but close, Cow’s Burp, Carlsberg. Chortle!

Mummy’s Crushing Candies (Again)

3 Jul

Gone were the days when little children would tip toe around the house for fear of disturbing the parents, it’s the other way around for me. I find myself in this predicament every now and then when I come home early and both M1 and M2 are sitting at the dining table, diligently catching up with their school work, headphones in place of course.

The only time they would tip toe around me was when I was farming away on the iPad – planting corn, harvesting alfalfa and tending to my virtual animals. Thank goodness, when I reached the end of that game and there were no further updates, I stopped being a virtual farmer, and boisterous noise could be heard again.

However, I got hooked on Candy Crush and is a full time candy crusher now. Whenever they see me at it, they’d go, “Hrmph. Mummy’s crushing candies again,” and would hold off whatever questions they have at the tip of their tongues and slink away.

But at press time, the end is near for my love affair with this addictive game. I am now at 365, the last level on my iPad mini and am contemplating not furthering the game on Facebook once I end here. Normalcy returns and life continues after the end of the Candy Crush Saga.

Or can my life be normal again once I retire from Candy Crush? Only time can tell….

Don’t Talk to Us

27 Jun

When I was young, going to Singapore with my parents by car was always a happy occasion. Singapore! Grandma! Shopping! Yay. But the 7-hour journey was never looked forward to, too long an ordeal. The main PLUS highway was not constructed then to ease traffic traveling South.

Nonetheless, my brother and I would play ‘Spot the car number plate’ games or read books to keep ourselves entertained. After all, during the dinosaur era, there was no such thing as the iPod, iPad, what more smartphones and the radio stations then were hardly hip and happening.

Fast forward to now. Whenever we travel outstation, a good three to five hours’ drive depending on destination, the girls will be equipped with the iPod, iPad, phone, books and headphones. And they always tell me, “Mummy, don’t talk to us, we can’t hear you. If you need to, wave your hands, ok?”