The Bunker Specialist

28 Mar

Golf is a very trying game at times. One day, you’d play like a seasoned golfer, but the next round, like a beginner. In other words, it’s unpredictable.

Putting with the TaylorMade Spider Mini of late has been very aggravating. When I acquired the putter not too long ago, I was putting very well with it. However, after several games, my putting skills have been on a downtrend – recording more three-putts than ever!

However, today’s game is not about putting misery. It’s the sand bunkers. You could call me the Bunker Specialist today! Aggravating is the word of the day to describe my sentiments. I went into the bunker seven times today for seven holes! Hrmph.

Let’s hope I will fare better for the next game, and I do not wish to be a Bunker Specialist again. As for putting, the Spider Mini will be retired until further notice, making way for the Peanut Putter to return to action.

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