DIY Project #3: Final Touches

28 Aug

The tail-end of DIY Project #3 has been very systematic and easy. I guess working on the little pieces ahead and allowing them to dry with time helped. Then once the wiring was done up for the ground floor, and the first floor installed, it was a breeze from that point.

Lights in place for the ground floor

The last two hurdles were the bed and room chair but I was patient. In between my golf days and cooking, I got these two done up without any procrastination.

The final touch now is drilling a new hole for the wiring in the living room. The original hole is inaccurate when the side table that has the wire for the lamp, is placed over the hole. It does not align to the living room sofa and table that are already in place.

Old hole (red circle) and new hole (purple circle) for the wires

Well, when the drilling is eventually attended to, I can proudly say this set is truly complete. Good job!

Such a livable little abode!

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