Goodbye Seattle

20 Jun

We leave our Airbnb host this morning as we wrap up the remaining sights to see and leave Seattle before the evening rush hour. It has been interesting to experience the city, which reminds me somewhat of San Francisco because there are some similarities.

2R/1B yet very practical

Lovely Welcome pack

Stairs coming down leads to Living area

Our home the last two nights has been really homey too. It’s at the basement of the home of the host. A little smaller than the one in Portland we stayed in, this place however is really thoughtful with practical gadgets and space usage. Although only two rooms, one bath and a tiny kitchenette (no stove though), there’s a living and dining area to be used. And oh, the bed’s much better for my back and the comforter excellent to stay warm.

When we first arrived, the lovely host left a welcome note, a bottle of wine and chocolate! How much more welcoming does one need? Excellent host. So we leave with a heavy heart but full of nice memories of Seattle.

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