We are in Seattle

19 Jun

We got into Seattle late because it was hard to part with my old friend after lunch and also because traffic was heavy. The other reason being the car. Twice today we had to look for a gas station because one of the tires was losing air pressure and we didn’t want to end up with a flat unexpectedly.

And each time when we looked for a gas station with an air pump, we had to pay for air! We were like ‘What?!’ This thing is free back home in Malaysia and here, it cost a dollar fifty each time in Oregon (& 1.25 in Seattle) for about two minutes or so! Goodness gracious.

Approaching Seattle

So far we have pumped air into right rear passenger side, once each day and twice today over three days. Hrmph… Tomorrow we will have to call the car company to see if we can change the car in Seattle because everytime we do this, it changed our plans a bit.

As we have a packed itinerary tomorrow, this little issue needs to be resolved so that it won’t be a hassle and disrupts our plans.

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