The Oregon Coast

17 Jun

Last night was tiring, I couldn’t wake up early. This morning we left at 9:45am, a little bit off our intended departure but we weren’t in a real hurry. The first stop: Newport.

When we got out of the car, we could smell the strong seafood stench in the air. Well, it’s a fishing town after all. The wind was quite strong and the air was very chilly. Brr… isn’t it Summer? Why is it so cold?!


Next stop: Yaquina National Park. Here we hiked quite a bit. And the place was much more windy thus, colder. I had to zip my jacket up all the way to just about my nose and kept my hands in the pocket as much as I could to stay warm.

Yaquina National Park

From Yaquina, we headed to the Visitor Center and then hiked to the lighthouse. Dang… it was even colder. Brr…

Dramatic clouds in the background

Next stop was Devil’s Punchbowl where we had lunch at Mo’s. We tried the Oyster Stew which was basically milk with butter and oysters. Unusual. The chowder and fish tacos were good. After lunch, we hiked to see the Punchbowl, which was like a crater in the rocks except that there’s water below that connects to the sea.

Lunch at Mo’s

The Devil’s Punchbowl

After this, we headed towards Depoe Bay to see the world’s smallest harbor. And this place was super cold with strong winds. Brr… for the umpteenth time.

We headed inland a bit to Tillamook–no more coast and wind (phew)–to see the creamery and its cheese production line. There we sampled all the cheeses (there goes my tummy as I know the Endometriosis pain will spike later tonight) and decided to eat dinner too, consisting of ice cream, fries and a kale pizza.

Tillamook cheese production line

The Oregon coast was very scenic and unusual. Along the way, towards evening, the clouds were so low, descending to the ocean level, it was as if we were driving amongst the clouds.

People having BBQ on the beach with the clouds

By six, we left Tillamook for our last stop, Cannon Beach to see the Haystack Rock before heading towards our motel for the night. What a day!

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