Scotty, Oh Scotty

1 Apr

The outcome from the Iron Challenge golf tournament at my golf club over the weekend was not a result I had hoped for. Although there were more Red Tee boxes moved up (compared to last year) to shorten the distance to green to make it friendlier, this didn’t help my game.

And while I was mentally and physically prepared, there were areas that were such let-downs, it deflated the spirit. The putting especially with my Scotty Cameron putter.

Whilst I had a slight mishap only in one sand bunker, the putting was the biggest let down. On that hole, a Par 3 mind you, I took three shots to come out from the sand bunker with the 56 wedge and the damage wasn’t that bad until I had to putt. I took three putts to hole out. That hurt.

And on the next hole, the Par 4 where I blew up last year with the bunker failure, I was three on the green and three-putted as well. Scotty, oh Scotty, why did you fail me when it’s most critical?

In fact, the putting throughout failed me this time. I can only conclude that playing in tournaments sometimes bring out the worst in judgement and shots. And it wasn’t emotion, the sand bunker or fear that got the better of me.

It was my putting or should I say inability to putt well when it mattered most. In total, there were six holes that I three-putted. Six holes and that’s enough in a tournament situation to be costly.

Oh well. Another year, another experience chalked up. Did I have fun? Well, a couple of dunked balls each in two holes that resulted in double digits on the score card was another factor, along with the inconsistent putting to erase all the good gained. It could have been better. Sigh…

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