Iron Challenge Again

29 Mar

This year my golf club has scheduled the 2019 Iron Challenge for this Sunday, 31st March instead of towards the second half of the year. And I have been mentally preparing for it, not just physically. After last year’s outing, whereby I still remember my bunker failure, I need to stay focused and not be out-of-sorts especially if I end up in a sand bunker.

The remedy? Putting a 56 degree club in the bag.

All this while, I never had a sand wedge because there was no need for one. And if I landed in a bunker, the 52 degree or P wedge worked fine. Unfortunately, on that fateful Challenge day last year, the 52 failed me.

So this year, with this additional club to help me get out of sand trouble, I hope to have a better and more enjoyable outing. I have been practicing and teeing off with my 4-iron the last few games and gaining my confidence with it. Come Sunday, I should be ready.

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