The Bathroom Scale Horror

11 Feb

Horrors of all horrors! Just when I thought Newbie the new bathroom scale was more reliable than Trusty, I have been given the shock of my life! All this while, BOTH scales have been lying to me.

Over the weekend, I downloaded a health & fitness app, Yunmai to sync with Newbie. Newbie being a Yunmai Mini 2 – the same brand as the app, is a digital scale that has bluetooth ability to pair to a smart phone for data analysis. Measuring from inside out, it can calculate body mass, body fat, skeletal muscle, bone mass, right down to water and a whole lot more, not just the weight. A state of the art bathroom scale indeed.

To my aghast beyond belief, the app gave me an extra 15lbs!!!

Goodness gracious me. How is this even possible when three days earlier after returning from hubby’s hometown, I stood on Newbie, the same scale, no less and there was no increase in my weight. I couldn’t possibly have piled on so much in three days after that! Somehow something has gone awry shocking me with this horrid reading.

The next day I decided to read up on reviews for Newbie and discovered that while it’s a good scale, one should apparently take the measurements with a grain of salt because it tends to show a slightly higher reading! Wow. This is especially evident when compared with a scale of another brand for weight and fat percentage measurements.

The reviews are comforting and good to know otherwise I should just forget about stepping on a bathroom scale. Ever. Again.

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    […] have decided to do a bathroom scale challenge on myself. Instead of staying aghast with the recent bathroom scale horror, I will work on losing that 15lbs that was added on me. Forget about accepting the initial results […]

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