Does It Work?

3 Dec

Sometimes the itch to buy something from online is very strong, I’d just do it. Nothing exorbitant but satisfying to indulge.

Several weeks ago, I bought a mini drill tool set which has been totally awesome to use; and I also bought two types of nose clips–supposedly capable to reduce or even eliminate snoring–to try. Who might it be for? The person in bed who snores of course!

The first package, five pieces of silica gel anti-snore clips, came in a little container, and I must say, it does work! The nightly loud snoring is now a thing of the past and sleep can be achieved peacefully after several trials and error.

The user would just have to get used to having something up their nostrils on a nightly basis and the person sleeping next to this person will and do appreciate their willingness to use it. The sleeping position is important to have the maximum noise reduction because at certain angles it loses its effectiveness.

The second package was of a more elaborate and bigger contraption because it also acts as a filter but looking less comfortable. Then again, it may be okay for others. However, it remains unused for now, so we will never quite know its effectiveness.

But I don’t think it’s a waste of money buying both clips for if we don’t try, we’d never know which works and which does not. And still have to deal with the nightly loud snores.


Tiny nose clips and big nose filter to suppress the snores!

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