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Cloudy and Gloomy

14 Dec

The weather had other ideas for us, staying cloudy and gloomy. There was no sight of the sun. But that didn’t bother us too much as we still have the weekend.

And I, being old school and also having major battery problems with my iPhone5S resorted to a physical copy of Codewords whilst hubby napped and M2 was on her iPhone6. Eventually it did rain and we went back to the room to chill before deciding what to eat for dinner.

When technology fails you, a hard copy is best!

We opted to walk across the street from the resort to check out the street food stalls and was pleasantly satisfied with our choices. Spicy, generous in portions and very cheap, dinner was just as satisfying as our lunch earlier.

Pasembur Special (top), Assam Laksa with Egg (bottom left) & Ayam Penyet Special (bottom right)

All in all, despite the weather, it’s a good start. Let’s hope tomorrow the sun will be out for me to work on that tan.

A Much Needed Break, Part 2

14 Dec

We left home at 9.09am for our much needed break. The drive was pleasant and unhurried but it rained after two hours on the road. Traffic was sparse; we saw and trailed a car with its tyres at an extreme angle. Other than for aesthetics, this intended modification serves no purpose for performance. The things people do for attention and they certainly caught ours!

By 12.30pm we stopped at Nibong Tebal for crab porridge and boiled squid, a must have and something we missed out the last few trips North. Very satisfying I must say.

After crawling pass the heavy traffic on the bridge, we made it to Golden Sands Resort and had to wait almost an hour for our room to be ready. The resort is packed apparently.

It was almost 4.00pm when we finally got our room and donned our swim wear to lounge by the pool.

A Much Needed Break

14 Dec

We go off for our much needed break today! This year, M1 is not coming back for Christmas so the year-end family trip will just be the three of us.

Hopefully traffic won’t be heavy but we’re in no hurry. And it’ll be nice if the drive is a leisurely one without stress to Penang. We will of course detour to some favorite places along the way for food before we get to the island state.

I am really looking forward to spending my time lounging by the poolside, with a cold beer and hopefully, catch some sun to get a nice tan!