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A Historic Day, Part 2

11 May

We are still trying to absorb the unexpected results of our nation’s 14th General Elections. There were a lot of emotions, mostly frustration and anxiety the last two days because the whole nation was kept waiting and waiting for the final results. In the end, the masses’ wish for change came through and it was as if a new nation was born. Once it became official that there will be a change in government, euphoria, joy, relief and mostly positive vibes was all over social media.

Our 7th Prime Minister, finally sworn in on Thursday, at 92 years old is also the oldest democratically-elected one in the world! Amazing. I say orange is out, old is the new black.

We are also trying to get used to the unexpected five-day break, starting with Wednesday being a public holiday to go to the polls, the two-day declared holiday after the polls for the unexpected win and the weekend. Suddenly I find myself disoriented and quite unsure what to do.

I couldn’t carve nor had any desire to go out because the polling results was too gripping and important. Time is really the essence to test our patience and trust.

Now that this momentous event is over, we are looking forward to better days and years ahead. Malaysians, I am proud we stood as one to make the change!