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Pesky Intruder, Part 2

1 May

The pesky intruder struck again yesterday morning! Darn it. Whilst hubby was accompanying official pet number one to the garden terrace, the pesky intruder quietly came in to the dry kitchen, jumped onto the island counter and nibbled away at the plastic bag of the new loaf of bread.

I discovered the evidence when I walked into the kitchen. There were little bits of plastic all over the counter and a gaping hole in the bag. It didn’t get to the actual bread but the damage was enough. And what riled us was not just the new loaf, the old loaf, placed near the toaster, was nibbled at too. Grr…

Obviously both loaves of bread had to be thrown away and the place was wiped down properly for we can’t chance any disease even though we didn’t come into direct contact with the squirrel.

This is the third time we’ve discovered the intrusion. The first was the banana; the second time, it was toast. Yep, you read that right. Pesky squirrel came right in to the toaster and helped itself to the toast that hubby made.

We have to be even more vigilant now than ever.