What Can I Eat?

22 Mar

So I went to the doctor last week to see what’s wrong with me experiencing the severe abdominal cramps again. The pain recurred a few weeks after completing the antibiotics for Infectious Colitis. And the symptoms are pointing towards a case of Endometriosis. Yay? Boo hoo hoo more like it.

If indeed it is Endometriosis, it’s not so much the pain I have to endure but suddenly learning the list of things I cannot eat has grown even longer! Double boo hoo hoo…

Coffee and alcohol remains on the list (am I surprised?), so are chocolate, dairy, beans, wheat-based, fried and spicy food. The list now includes red meat (there goes my steak urge!), fatty fishes (out goes the tuna too), soy-based food (like tofu and soy sauce), eggs and white bread!!! I was eating these things before learning it could be Endometriosis. Well, that does not leave me much choice.

Hmm… What can I eat? As it is, I have lost 3kgs (6.6lbs) the last six weeks already because the tummy has been very sensitive due to Colitis. Initially I gave myself until May 6, a three-month period to rest my innards from the problem but now with this new discovery (yet to be confirmed though), I may have to avoid more food for another stretch upon confirmation. I think I am looking at several more kilos to be shed. Oh my goodness.

It’s a tough balance because there’s two issues here. If I lean towards a diet to care for one problem, it may alleviate the other.

I am due for a follow up appointment next week. Stay tuned.

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