Expectation vs Reality

21 Apr

I recently saw this idea of a bird shower on boredpanda.com and it seemed like a brilliant one. So naturally, I cannot resist anything that looks brilliant so I replicated it! I made a bird shower from a plastic bottle and hung it in the garden. But something doesn’t seem to gel. Expectation versus reality kicked in.

How do I control the water to have a constant flow like in the video? I can’t be standing in the garden and holding a hose to supply the water, can I now? Even if I was discreet, the birds that have been coming to eat all those bird seeds we put out don’t seem interested to have a bath. Can’t be putting a sign to direct them either, birds don’t read…

Or is this bird shower attraction only for a pet bird? Hmm… I will leave the home-made effort out for a bit longer and monitor. Only time can tell…


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