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The Perils of Long Hair

7 Apr

Having long hair is hard to maintain. I for one, have had and still have short hair all these years. But my girls have long hair. The maintenance is a constant thing not just for themselves but the surrounding as well.

One weekend many moons ago, we had to fix the sink problem in M2’s bathroom. Hubby suspected it had something to do with hair going down the sink. Sure enough, the bottom trap had eight years’ worth of hair stuck down there! Ewww… put it this way, if we can weave a pet out of it, it’d be a little kitten.

But the problem was not resolved. Water was still going down slowly. Surely it can’t be something stuck along the way. We checked again and this time, the problematic area was from the top. The passage from the sink before it hit the S-trap below had another furball, the size of a hamster this time, lining the pipe! Double eww… no wonder water was going down so slow. There was hardly any room for the water to flow down.

The perils of having long hair I say.