Been There Done That

24 Mar

When one is in their teens, their dream is to grow up. Fast. Like M2 now who gets periodic updates from M1 about her life in university, I suspect M2 can’t wait to grow up.

When one is in their 20s, their dream is to see the world. “Wanna be there, gonna do that!” That’s the motto. That was how I was then. During my 20s whenever an opportunity came around, I’d jump at it. Like M1 now who turned 20 in January. When the opportunities are presented, she’d jump at them. Just like mommy.

When one is in their 30s, their dream from the 20s is happening as in “being there, doing that”. That was my life, living every moment and enjoying life to the fullest. Not only we took the opportunity, we made the opportunities happened and are fortunate enough to be living the “being there, doing that” motto.

The next decade, I suppose life takes a turn to tone down. I find the motto in the 40s now (ok, I confess, I am not Forever 38) to be “been there, done that”. Many a time, the enthusiasm and eagerness has simmered down and no longer jumping at opportunities whenever they present themselves. Hmm…

This makes me wonder what the next decade holds. But until then, I am taking one day at a time while M1 goes off on an adventurous road trip for her Spring Break this week.

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